Giving Back

After many years of providing his genuine handcrafted Django baby moccasins to small shop retailers in America, creator and Filipino artisan Antonio "Django" Valmores is now at the forefront of his business and getting the recognition that he so fittingly deserve.  

With the permission from Antonio to use the Django name-this American extension of his shop-was created with the help of a San Diegan mom from the United States.  This mom is inspired in the mission to help preserve various indigenous art skills, such as weavers and craftsmen on the bridge of extinction.

Your support will allow for the preservation of indigenous skills by ensuring its transmission to the next generation; and at the same time encouraging other cultural specialists to continue to work, develop and expand frontiers of their skill set and train the young to take their place for many generations to come.

A percentage of every single purchase will be given back to Django.  This will allow him to continue his passion for hand crafting a variety of leather goods, and most importantly give back to the community and mentoring the youth. 

This is the only American extension of the Django moccasin brand that gives a percentage of each sale back to the creator of Django Moccasins. 

Today, Django Leather Art and Crafts currently employs 6 young workers